How to Use HCaTS

HCaTS Unrestricted and HCaTS Small Business contracts will help your agency acquire human capital and training solutions more efficiently and economically. There are two ways to access HCaTS:

Direct-Buy Acquisition

For Direct Acquisition, generally, federal Contracting Officers follow these steps to use HCaTS:

  1. Receive Delegated of Procurement Authority (DPA) Certificate for HCaTS. (Go to HCaTS Training for more information.)
  2. Conduct market research and acquisition planning.
  3. Build and issue the Task Order solicitation.
  4. Conduct source selection and award the Task Order.
  5. Email the Award FPDS-NG report to
  6. Administer and close out the Task Order.

Notes for Direct-Buy Acquisition:

  • Ordering Contracting Officers are required to comply with their roles and responsibilities described in DPA Certificate and HCaTS Master Contracts.
  • Optional scope/requirements advisory services are available at no cost. To request a scope review, go to Pre-Award Scope Review.
  • If you have any questions regarding Direct Acquisition process, email us at

Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS)

OPM's HR Solutions Training and Management Assistance (TMA) Program provides full-service assisted acquisition services that enable you to access private sector experts in customized Strategic Human Capital Management Training, and Organizational Performance Improvement. Using HCaTS and HCaTS Small Business Contracts, TMA specialists will partner with you to assist in drafting your Statement of Requirements and assemble a solid acquisition package.

Notes for AAS:

  • Ordering OPM provides pre-solicitation and post-award services (customer face).
  • GSA Northwest/Arctic Region provides contracting support services.
  • This service includes:
    • Scope reviews;
    • Statement of Requirements library search;
    • Contracting support/solicitation development and management;
    • Vendor management; and
    • COR Services.
  • An additional AAS fee will be applied based on the magnitude and complexity of the requirement.

For additional information on AAS, contact us at 202-606-0482 or See OPM HCaTS Acquisition Services website for more information.

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