Sustainable Solutions for Industrial Products & Services

Federal agency customers are required to buy environmentally sustainable products, such as energy efficient products and recycled content products, to the maximum extent practicable. The policy to purchase these products is outlined in Executive Order 13693, section 3(i), and Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 23.1. Visit GSA’s Green Procurement Compilation for a list of products and services that have sustainable acquisition requirements.

How to Acquire Green Products

GSA helps federal agencies meet environmental requirements by offering thousands of green products. There are two ways to buy green products from GSA:

  • GSA Advantage!® Customers are encouraged to purchase products designated as bio-based and recycled content, ENERGY STAR and FEMP qualified, water efficient, and non-ozone depleting materials.
  • GSA Global Supply® is a one-stop source for requisition-based ordering, providing comprehensive, environmentally, compliant solutions. Agencies who order through GSA’s Global Supply are assured regulatory compliance, a single bill, and global delivery from a government source.

Sustainable Industrial Products & Services Options

The following green solutions are offered under the Industrial Products & Services Category:

Products under these SINs may include Energy Star, Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)-designated, water-efficiency, and/or use non-ozone depleting substances (EPA’s SNAP program).

Sustainable Solutions for Schedule 51 V
SIN Description
105 001 Hardware Store, Home Improvement Center, or MRO - Store Front
105 002 Hardware Store, Home Improvement Center, or MRO - Catalog
341 100 Lawn and Garden Equipment, Machinery, Implements, Tools, Products, and Accessories
834 100 Commercial Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Related Services

Products under these SINs may include Energy efficient/Energy Star Certified appliances, recycled content, or biobased materials.

Sustainable Solutions for Schedule 73
SIN Description
507 4 Toilet Bowl Cleaner, liquid, powder, and/or gel and product
524 1 Fuel Oil Additive
658 1 Water Purification Chemicals
681 1 Road Stabilization/Ice Melting Chemicals or Chemical Formulations and Aircraft Deicers

Products under these SINs may include Energy efficient/Energy Star Certified appliances, recycled content, or biobased materials.

Sustainable Solutions for Schedule 03FAC
SIN Description
811 001 Elevator and Escalator Preventative Maintenance
811 005 Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioner, Boiler and Chiller HVAC Maintenance

The BMO Services IDIQ includes the use of sustainable products in conjunction with the services provided. These products meet the applicable environmental standards and assist agencies in ensuring acquisitions are environmentally sustainable. These applicable standards include:

The MRO purchasing channel strategic sourcing solution makes identifying and buying environmentally sustainable products easy. Agencies are required to ensure that applicable new contract actions are environmentally sustainable. MRO contractors offer a wide variety of compliant products. Sustainable options include:

More Information about Sustainable Solutions

In most cases, vendors self-certify that their products meet federal environmental programs and market them with a variety of federal, third-party, or other symbols. Labels such as ENERGY STAR® or BioPreferred are controlled by federal agencies while other labels or symbols, such as recycled content, are self-claims. Customers are advised to contact the Schedule vendor for confirmation of compliance with regulatory standards prior to placing an order.

Last Reviewed: 2020-07-20