Office Management Products

This subcategory contains day to day office supplies to help run an office efficiently. From recycled printer paper, toner cartridges, pens and pencils to binders, tape, shredders and ergonomic products, Office Management Products helps your office work faster and smarter. This subcategory includes GSA's 3D Printing Solutions that are designed to meet additive manufacturing requirements.

GSA Solutions for Office Management Products

3D Printers
SIN Description
51 400 3D Printing Solutions
Copying Systems and Related Products
SIN Description
51 100 Copiers (Analog, Digital-Multifunctional, Color, and Engineering Copiers)
51 212 Post Copying/Finishing Equipment & Supplies
51 229 Digital Duplication Equipment
51 58A Operating Lease Plan for Copiers
51 58B Operating Lease Plan for All Other Products
51 101 2 Consumable Supplies for Copiers, Computers, Printers, and Fax Machines
51 55 Rental Plan for Copiers
51 100F Flat Rate Monthly Fee Copying Plan for Copiers
51 100C Cost Per Copy Plans for Copiers
Multimedia Equipment
SIN Description
20 300 Projectors and Electronic Whiteboards
165 205 Multimedia Office Cabinets, Displays & Filing
51 402 Multimedia Reader and Reader Printers & Systems
51 417 Microphotographic Film, Paper, Chemical Preparation and Equipment
Security, Personnel, and Document Identification Systems
SIN Description
47 147 Security Applications for Business Machines
50 156 Personal and Document Identification Systems
Mail Products
SIN Description
50 177 Date and Time Stamps
733 1 Mail Management, Systems, Processing Equipment and Related Solutions
Other Business Machines
SIN Description
47 145 Typewriters
47 355 Dictating-Transcribing Machines
50 281 Calculators
50 7002 Stencil Cutting Machines
51 001 Office Products for the Impaired
Repair and Maintenance Plans
SIN Description
51 56 Repair of Government-Owned Equipment
51 57 Maintenance Service Agreements for Copiers
51 208 Maintenance Service Agreements for All Other Equipment (repair, replacement, and spare parts for equipment other than copiers)

See Schedule 36—The Office, Imaging, and Document Solution for more information.

General Photographic Equipment Products and Services
SIN Description
19 1 Film, Paper, Chemical, Processing Equipment for Photographic and Radiographic Applications
19 100 Photographic Services and Solutions
20 316 Cameras and Accessories mm
20 320 Photo Digital Technologies
67 100 Photographic analog and digital Cameras and Imaging Systems and Services (Photo Instrumentation)
262 53 Product Support for Photographic Products and Services

See Schedule 67 | Photographic Equipment for more information.

General Office Products
SIN Description
75 85 Restroom Products
75 200 Office Products

See Schedule 75 | Office Products/Supplies and Services and New Products/Technology for more information.

General Publication Media Products and Services
SIN Description
760 1 Books and Pamphlets
760 2 Periodicals, Subscriptions Services
760 3 Editorial, Publishing, and Library Media Services
760 4 On-Line Book Selling Services and Associated Items
760 5 Lending Library Services
760 6 Entertainment, News, and Library Media

See Schedule 76 | Publication Media for more information.

General Shipping and Packing Products and Services
SIN Description
617 1 Bags and sacks
617 2 Bottles, jars, boxes, cartons, crates, container systems and metal drums
617 3 Wrapping and strapping materials
617 4 Packaging and packing bulk materials
617 5 Performance-Oriented Packaging (POP), plastic over pack, and hazardous material packaging
617 7 Aluminum Foil
617 8 New Technology
617 10 Packaging services
617 11 Maintenance, Repair and Modification of Containers
617 12 Pallets, Plastic and Wood
617 13 Unique Identification (UID) / Radio Frequency Identification (RFID

See Schedule 81 I B | Shipping, Packing, and Packing Supplies for more information.

The OS3 strategic sourcing solution helps federal customers achieve significant savings on their office supply purchases, while also supporting the nation’s small businesses. OS3 will cut costs and increase efficiencies by providing everyday supplies like:

  • Pens;
  • Paper; and
  • Printing items.

See FSSI OS3 | Third Generation Office Supply Solution for more information.

GSA Global Supply provides customers worldwide with easy, requisition-based access to tens of thousands of commodities, including office supplies and furniture. In addition, customers can "special order" items in the following categories that are not part of the daily inventory:

  • Office supplies and equipment;
  • Furniture and furnishings (Office, Dorm, etc.); and
  • Shipping and packing supplies.

See GSA Global Supply for more information.

For assistance or additional information please contact National Administrative Services and Office Supplies Acquisition Center at 212-264-0868 or via email at

Last Reviewed: 2020-06-09