Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS)

Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions offers customers who need assistance educating the public with a range of services to help develop and implement a comprehensive media plan. The various services offered are listed below with their associated Special Item Number (SIN) and links to a list of vetted contractors for each type service:

  • A full description of Services covered under each SIN can be found at GSA Schedules eLibrary.

  • The NAICS code(s) associated with the RFQ must match a NAICS code listed with the Professional Services Schedule. Only one NAICS (dominant) may be used in the resulting task order.
SIN Number
& Link to Contractors
SIN Name
541 1 541810 Advertising Services
541 2 541820 Public Relations Services
541 3 541511 Web Based Marketing Services
541 4A 541910 Market Research and Analysis
541 4B 512110 Video/Film Production
541 4C 541850 Exhibit Design and Implementation Services
541 4D 561920

Conference, Events, and Trade Show Planning Services

541 4E 541922 Commercial Photography Services
541 4F 541430 Commercial Art and Graphic Design Services
541 4G 541613 Challenges and Competitions Services
541 5 541613 Integrated Marketing Services
100 01 541890 Introduction of New Services
541 1000 541810 Other Direct Costs (ODCs); Expenses Other Than Direct Labor Hours
100 03 541330 Ancillary Supplies and/or Services

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