Environmental Solutions

Environmental solutions offer customers a wide variety of services from industry experts including:

  • Strengthening federal environmental management goals in Electronics Stewardship;
  • Environmental management systems;
  • Pollution prevention, cleanup and restoration;
  • HAZMAT; and
  • Training awareness and more.

Service Offerings

The various services offered are listed below with their associated Special Item Number (SIN) and links to a list of vetted contractors for each type of service.

  • A full description of Services covered under each SIN can be found at GSA Schedules eLibrary.
  • The NAICS code(s) associated with the RFQ must match a NAICS code listed with the Professional Services Schedule. Only one NAICS (dominant) may be used in the resulting task order.
SIN Number
& Link to Contractors
SIN Name
899 1 541620 Environmental Consulting Services
899 3 541620 Environmental Training Services
899 5 562920, 562112 Materials and Waste, Recycling & Disposal Service Bio-Chemical Testing
899 7 541620, 541370 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services
899 8 562910, 541380 Remediation and Reclamation Services
100 01 541890 Introduction of New Services
100 03 541330 Ancillary Supplies and/or Services

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Last Reviewed: 2020-02-21