State and Local Agency Resources for Security and Protection

State and local governments can buy products and services through Schedule 84 via the GSA Cooperative Purchasing Program. Refer to the Cooperative Purchasing FAQ and the Cooperative Purchasing Program Brochure [PDF - 2 MB] for additional information and to find out if your government entity qualifies or what fees may apply.

Benefits of Schedule 84

State and local governments can save money when they buy security and law enforcement equipment by using the federal government’s buying power. This Schedule has multiple solutions:

  • Features alarm and signal systems;
  • Facility management systems;
  • Firefighting and rescue equipment;
  • Law Enforcement and security equipment;
  • Marine craft and related equipment;
  • Special purpose clothing; and
  • Related services.

GSA makes this possible through a program called Cooperative Purchasing. State and local governments are encouraged to place orders for Schedule 84. This Schedule has a nationwide network of industry partners, some of whom may be located in your state. You are able to keep your security spend within your state or local jurisdiction by purchasing through local vendors.

Contact the help center at or 800-488-3111 if you have questions about how your local government can take advantage of Schedule 84 benefits.

Ordering from Local Vendors

Go to GSA eLibrary and choose Schedule 84 Special Item Numbers (SINs) that say “Subject to Cooperative Purchasing.” Select the industry partners who display the "COOP PURCH" logo. These businesses have indicated that they sell to state and local governments.

How to Buy from Schedule 84

State and local government entities may use GSA Advantage!® after they register and obtain approval. Learn more about using GSA Advantage at our Cooperative Purchasing FAQs page.

State and local government entities may also use GSA eBuy to create an online Request for Quotation (RFQ). Learn more about eBuy at our Cooperative Purchasing FAQs page.

Acquisition Policy

GSA recommends that you follow federally mandated ordering procedures, but does not require them. The relevant ordering procedures are:

Following these procedures complies with competitive procedure under the Competition in Contracting Act of 1984 (CICA).

Last Reviewed: 2020-03-24