Sustainable Solutions for Security & Protection Category

Federal agency customers are required to buy environmentally sustainable products, such as energy efficient products and recycled content products, to the maximum extent practicable. The policy to purchase these products is outlined in Executive Order 13693, section 3(i), and Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 23.1. Visit GSA’s Green Procurement Compilation for a list of products and services that have sustainable acquisition requirements.

Sustainable Security and Protection Options

The following green solutions are offered under the Security and Protection Category:

How to Acquire Green Products

GSA helps federal agencies meet environmental requirements by offering thousands of green products. GSA Advantage!® Customers are encouraged to purchase products designated as bio-based and recycled content, ENERGY STAR and FEMP qualified, water efficient, and non-ozone depleting materials.

More Information about Sustainable Solutions

In most cases, vendors self-certify that their products meet federal environmental programs and market them with a variety of federal, third-party, or other symbols. Labels such as ENERGY STAR® or BioPreferred are controlled by federal agencies while other labels or symbols, such as recycled content, are self-claims. Customers are advised to contact the Schedule vendor for confirmation of compliance with regulatory standards prior to placing an order.

Last Reviewed: 2020-01-06