Engineering Services

GSA can engineer and design specialized vehicles and address technical questions. Vehicles purchased by us are:

  • Safe;
  • Durable;and
  • Economical.

GSA can also assist with any vehicle engineering issue, including:

  • Development of customized specifications for any vehicle and application requirement;
  • Proper vehicle selection for the specific application;
  • Proper vehicle weight ratings and payloads;
  • Proper selection of engines, transmissions, axles, frames, and electrical systems;
  • Safety issues and vehicle reliability;
  • Assistance in resolving warranty issues, vehicle defects, or other quality-related problems; and
  • Responsibility for Federal Vehicle Standards.

Contact GSA in the early planning stages for the acquisition of customized (nonstandard) vehicles. We can greatly simplify the technical aspects of determining agency requirements as well as the procurement process. The GSA surcharge for nonstandard vehicles is 10 percent for the first vehicle and one percent for additional vehicles on the same order.

The Federal Vehicle Standards classifies various types and sizes of commercially available vehicles, and establishes minimum technical, quality, and equipment options to maintain uniformity in the acquisition process. These standards are developed by GSA and are published annually to cover current model year vehicles.

Last Reviewed: 2020-05-15