Vehicles are available for purchase by federal government executive agencies and other eligible users only. Multi-vendor contracts for sedans, station wagons and law enforcement vehicles covered under Federal Standard 122, allow government agencies to select the vehicle that best suits their mission requirements.

GSA contracts directly with manufacturers for a broad range of vehicles in all price ranges. Delivery is available for either a nearby dealer or to a consignee address.

Use AutoChoice, GSA's online ordering system to order sedans and station wagons. AutoChoice allows government agencies to:

  • Configure vehicles and choose vehicle equipment options;
  • View side by side comparisons of vehicle models from vehicle manufacturers;
  • Calculate actual vehicle prices for configured vehicles including the GSA surcharge;
  • View miles per gallon fuel ratings;
  • View vehicle manufacturers past performance;
  • Select a dealership;
  • Submit vehicle orders to GSA online;
  • Check vehicle order status; and
  • View crash test ratings posted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Last Reviewed: 2019-07-09