Vehicle Purchasing Training


FedFleet is a unique opportunity to engage professionally with a wide range of people involved in federal fleet management, including represenatives form GSA's purchasing and leasing processes. FedFleet provides a supportive environment in which attendees can listen and talk, as well as present their questions and ideas. Find out more about FedFleet.


After reviewing the AutoChoice Tutorial [PDF - 3 MB], you will be able to:

  • Navigate the AutoChoice online tool;
  • Locate a vehicle that fits your needs;
  • Place your vehicle purchase order;
  • Track the status of your purchase order; and
  • Create reports for your order(s).

Approximately 50,000 vehicles are procured annually from GSA Vehicle Purchasing. By procuring such a large volume of vehicles and automotive products annually, GSA obtains significant discounts below the manufacturer's invoice price, and passes the substantial savings to you.

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