GSA Fleet Drive-thru Brochures and Manuals

Below is a list of how-to materials providing instructions to help get started with GSA Fleet Drive-thru applications.

File Transfer Protocol

Download the FTP Template [XLSX - 17 KB]. Use the Format Your Data Template [XLSX - 13 KB] file to properly format the data for upload. Vehicle class and tag information can be stored each month. Step-by-step instructions on how to use and save the template can be found in the FTP Upload Tool User Guide [PDF - 2 MB].


GORP provides the most cost effective and efficient mileage reporting tool to date. This GORP Brochure [PDF - 72 KB] provides a brief overview of the process.


This Quick Step Guide - WEX Replacement Card Module [PDF - 381 KB] provides information on how GSA fleet leasing customers can request a new WEX fuel card:

Last Reviewed: 2020-05-15