GSA Fleet Drive-thru Brochures and Manuals

Below is a list of how-to materials providing instructions to help get started with GSA Fleet Drive-thru applications.

File Transfer Protocol

Download the FTP Template [XLSX - 17 KB]. Use the Format Your Data Template [XLSX - 13 KB] file to properly format the data for upload. Vehicle class and tag information can be stored each month. Step-by-step instructions on how to use and save the template can be found in the FTP Upload Tool User Guide.


GORP provides the most cost effective and efficient mileage reporting tool to date. This GORP Brochure [PDF - 72 KB] provides a brief overview of the process.


This Quick Step Guide - WEX Replacement Card Module [PDF - 381 KB] provides information on how GSA fleet leasing customers can request a new WEX fuel card:

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