Fleet Vehicle Vendor FAQs

Vendors with a GSA Fleet vehicle in their shop must call the Maintenance Control Center (MCC) before doing any of the following:

  • Repairs over $100;
  • Repairs on Tires; and
  • Repairs on Batteries.

Drivers do not own vehicles, or have the authority to authorize or pay for repairs over $100. The phone number for the MCC is 866-400-0411. Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 7:00 a.m. EST (Eastern Standard Time) to 8:00 p.m. EST.

These are questions frequently asked by GSA Vendors.

There are two ways to verify if a vehicle is a GSA Fleet vehicle. Each place involves the vehicle’s license plate number. First, the vehicle should have a U.S. Government license plate on the front and back of the vehicle. This license plate will begin with “G”, followed by two numbers and a hyphen. Second, the fleet service card, provided by the driver, will say "U.S. Government", and will include the license plate number in the lower left hand corner.

Once you determine that the vehicle is a GSA Fleet vehicle, provide the driver with an estimate of the repair cost. If the estimate is over $100, or involves tires or batteries, you must call the MCC at 866-400-0411 for authorization before beginning any work. Please have the vehicle’s license plate number and mileage available before contacting the MCC. This information is necessary for the MCC technician to initiate a repair authorization.

The technician who answers the phone will ask you for the vehicle’s license (tag) number and mileage. Once the vehicle has been identified, the technician will negotiate the repairs, cost, and payment. When agreement is complete, the technician will issue a purchase order number after which the repairs can begin. If the repair is a simple one, the technician can offer payment at the time of the first call. If the repair is more complicated, requiring additional authorization or several days to complete, the vendor will be instructed to call when repairs are complete and payment can be made. Any additions to the cost of the purchase order must be approved by the MCC before work can begin on additional items.

GSA has two methods of payment, which are MasterCard and Automated Clearing House (ACH). MasterCard is the preferred and most common method of payment. A vendor will be issued a card number over the phone by the MCC once repairs are completed. ACH, a method of direct deposit, is GSA’s secondary form of payment. To receive an ACH payment, a vendor must have an agreement with GSA’s payment contractor, Wright Express (WEX). If a vendor does not have an agreement with WEX, call the MCC to obtain contact information for WEX to apply for ACH payments.

Call the MCC at 866-400-0411 any time a MasterCard fails to process. The MCC technician will look up the transaction and see why it failed. The most common problems are:

  • Miscommunications over the 16 digit card number;
  • The three (3) digit security code;
  • MasterCard zip-code; or
  • Expiration date.

Any corrections that need to be made will be explained to allow payment to be made to the vendor.

Call the MCC at 866-400-0411. The technician who answers will attempt to solve any billing problems. Have your GSA tag, and purchase order and Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) accessible. The technician must be able to identify the vehicle as belonging to GSA before payment can be made.
Call the MCC at 866-400-0411. The technician will see that the necessary contacts are made to supply you with the information you need.

Call GSA Fleet at 866-939-4472. Limited repairs can be authorized and paid for, or a GSA after hours manager can assist.

Last Reviewed: 2020-05-15