GSA Fleet Customer/Driver

The GSA Maintenance Control Center (MCC) provides GSA Fleet customers and drivers with a wide range of services for the upkeep, repair, and maintenance of their GSA leased vehicles. To contact the MCC, please call 866-400-0411, and select option 1.

These are questions frequently asked by a GSA Fleet Customer.

Call the MCC at 866-400-0411, select option 1 and explain the nature of the problem. The technician will ask for your GSA license plate number. This number is located in the lower left corner of the fleet service credit card issued with each vehicle. The technician will then determine the nature of the problem with the vehicle and recommend a shop to provide repairs. The driver will take the vehicle to the vendor and ask the vendor to call the MCC with a diagnosis, estimate of the problem, and cost of repair. Make sure the vendor knows that no work or diagnosis will begin if the cost is more than $100. All repairs over $100 must be authorized by the MCC.

Call your Fleet Service Representative (FSR) or the MCC at 866-400-0411, and select option 1. The MCC maintains an electronic vendor list of thousands of vendors in the United States. A technician will look your vehicle up and ask for your location. This will help you find a qualified vendor that has done business with GSA in your area. You will be provided with a vendor name, address, and phone number. The MCC technician will document which shop the vehicle is going to and why in GSA’s Fleet Management Information System (FMIS).

Yes, please call the MCC at 866-400-0411, and select option 1 before taking your vehicle to a shop. The MCC technician will assist you in finding the best repair facility in your local area. This will also allow the MCC to make notes in GSA’s FMIS documenting why and where a vehicle is being repaired.

Call the MCC at 866-400-0411, and select option 1 and provide the technician with the license plate number and mileage of the vehicle. Explain why the vehicle needs to be towed. The technician will determine if the vehicle in question still has warranty, and refer you to the manufacturer’s roadside assistance or if there is no warranty coverage, the technician will help you locate and connect with a wrecker service. The technician will also assist you in finding a shop to repair the vehicle.

Each GSA vehicle comes with warranty coverage, which is explained in the warranty book provided with each vehicle. Normally these books are located in the glove box of the vehicle. A second place to look for more information is the manufacturer’s website. Under the owner’s section there is detailed warranty information. Finally, you can call the MCC. A technician will be glad to discuss your vehicle’s warranty with you, and help you determine if the problem your vehicle is experiencing is covered under the warranty.

Most GSA vehicles are divided into groups that have an Oil Life Sensor (OLS) service light, and those that do not have an OLS. Vehicles with an OLS only require Preventative Maintenance (PM) when the OLS service light comes on, or once a year if it does not come on. Vehicles that do not have an OLS light typically have PMs due once a year or every 7,500 miles. If you have questions, call the MCC and give the technician your government vehicle license plate, or G-tag, number. The technician can tell you when your next PM is due. When a GSA vehicle with OLS is taken to a shop, the vendor must be reminded to reset the OLS system after the PM is performed.

After the PM is completed, the driver of the GSA vehicle should go to GSA’s Fleet Drive-thru website, login, and enter PM Express to report the mileage and date of the PM.

GSA takes special interest in these two items due to warranties on batteries and special GSA pricing for tires. Please call the MCC at 866-400-0411, and select option 1 for guidance on how to achieve the most cost efficient repairs for you vehicle. The technician will direct the driver to a local shop that can provide the government with the best value.

When taking a GSA leased vehicle to the shop, remember that as a driver, you can only authorize up to $100 in repairs with your fleet service card. Only purchase those services that are essential to maintain the vehicle and decline additional services offered by the vendor (also known as up selling). For repairs under $100 the vendor can call WEX at 866-WEX-4GSA or 866-939-4472. If the repair is going to closely approach or exceed $100, the vendor should call the MCC at 866-400-0411, and select option 1 before doing any work. The MCC will handle approval of specific repair items, and any negotiations with the vendor. The MCC will arrange for an authorization for the vendor and payment when the repair is complete. After the repairs are complete, the customer can pick up the vehicle at the shop.

Once the MCC authorized repairs are complete, the vendor should call the MCC at 866-400-0411, and select option 1 to close out the repair. GSA pays most vendors with a MasterCard over the phone.

For after hours repairs call 866-939-4472. The technician will help with repairs up to $500.00. If the amount is over $500 a GSA manager will be called for assistance.

The GSA MCC is open for business from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. eastern time, Monday to Friday. The MCC phone number is 866-400-0411, and select option 1.

Beginning with the 2014 model year, GM is providing free preventative maintenance for the first 24 months or 24,000 miles. This free maintenance includes scheduled oil changes, tire rotations, and vehicle inspections on most Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC vehicles. This program has a maximum number of four visits for each vehicle. If you are driving a 2014 Chevrolet or GMC vehicle, please use this free service.

You can always contact your FSR or call the MCC at 866-400-0411, and select option 1.

Your vehicle is equipped with either a spare tire or a tire inflator kit. If you can safely replace the spare or repair the tire with the inflator kit, GSA recommends doing so. This is the quickest way to get back on the road.

Important Notes:

  • When using either the spare tire or a tire repaired with the inflator kit, you need to get to a vendor that can properly repair or replace the tire as soon as possible (typically within about 50 miles). Please note that vehicles using these tires are not safe at speeds over 50 miles per hour.
  • Tire inflator kits cannot repair all flat tires. They are designed to repair punctures on the tire tread. The kits cannot repair punctures on the sidewall, or repair punctures larger than a quarter of an inch wide.

You can also take advantage of your vehicle’s roadside assistance coverage. Most vehicles come with roadside assistance coverage as part of the warranty coverage from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The following manufacturers include free installation of spare tires and repairs for flats as part of their roadside assistance coverage:

  • Ford;
  • GM;
  • Hyundai; and
  • Chrysler 2013 and later model year products.

For more information on roadside assistance available for your vehicle, please check your owner’s manual, visit Road Side Assistance website by selecting link, or call the MCC at 866-400-0411, and select option 1.

Please call the MCC with any questions about this process. The technician will provide guidance on roadside assistance and the location of best value tire vendors.

Last Reviewed: 2020-05-15