FSSI OS3 Awarded Vendors and Solution Portals

The Third Generation Office Supply (OS3) solution is divided into four (4) Contract Line Items (CLINs).

Below is a list of awardees identified by CLIN with the socioeconomic indicators that signify the business size and business status of the contractor:

  • S - Small business;
  • O - Other than small business;
  • W - Women Owned business;
  • WO - Women Owned Small business;
  • EW - Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small business (EDWOSB);
  • V - Veteran Owned Small business;
  • DV - Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business;
  • D - SBA Certified Small Disadvantaged business;
  • 8a - SBA Certified 8(a) firm; and
  • H - SBA Certified HUBZone firm.

Note: The links shown below lead to nongovernment websites.

CLIN 0001: General Office Supplies Full Catalog
Awardee Contract # Socio-Economic Status POC
Crimson Imaging Supplies, LLC GS02Q14DCR0002 S/D Claudia Demarco
Noble Supply & Logistics GS02Q14DCR0003 S/W/WO Tom Noble
TSRC, Inc. GS02Q14DCR0004 S/W/WO Michael Abner
Document Imaging Dimensions, Inc. GS02Q14DCR0006 S/W/WO/D Don Larimer
BahFed Corp GS02Q14DCR0007 S/V/D/8a/H Ken Paul
Premier & Companies, Inc. GS02Q14DCR0009 S Stuart Fein
EZ Print Supplies GS02Q14DCR0012 S/W Debra Aron
Jacobs Gardner Supply Company, Inc. GS02Q14DCR0013 S/W Gary Luiza
Capstone Office Products, LLC GS02Q14DCR0014 SW/WO Jim Cope
MJL Enterprises, LLC GS02Q14DCR0015 S/DV Marty Hierholzer
Pacific Ink, Inc. GS02Q14DCR0005 S/W Jaime Mautz
Shelby Distributions, Inc. GS02Q14DCR0010 S/W/WO/EW/DV/D Julian Grubbs

CLIN 0002: Office Paper
Awardee Contract # Socio-Economic Status POC
Rita's Tape Media LLC DBA CompuPro Global GS02Q14DCR0018 S/W/WO/EW/D Randy Pfeiffer
Point Nationwide, LLC GS02Q14DCR0016 S Grady Taylor

CLIN 0003: Toner/Ink
Awardee Contract # Socio-Economic Status POC
Access Products, Inc. GS02Q14DCR0019 S/DV Tony Merschdorf
New Century Imaging, Inc. GS02Q14DCR0020 S/W Louie Drossel
ABM Federal Sales Inc. GS02Q14DCR0021 S June Giedinghagen
ASE Direct, Inc. GS02Q14DCR0022 S/DV Bo Clift
Alliance Micro GS02Q14DCR0023 S Suresh Boyapati

CLIN 0004: GSA On-the-Go
Awardee Contract # Socio-Economic Status POC
Office Depot, Inc. GS02Q14DCR0024 O Bob Embrey

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