Print Management Solutions

GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) is capable of satisfying a variety of print management product and services requirements but also very stringent security requirements.

MAS offers digital and engineering copiers and multi-function devices capable of printing, scanning and facsimile functions, along with maintenance agreements, repair agreements, and consumable supplies. The financing options include purchase, lease or rental.

When staffing is short and budgets are tight, consider procuring Managed Print Services (MPS) which can help your agency gain control of your printing devices, reduce printing costs, and free up resources to focus on core mission activities.

Managed Print Services

Experienced SIN 541611MPS (Legacy SIN 51 500) Managed Print Services (MPS) contractors can help your agency reduce costs through more efficient use of your existing devices, reduction in the number of devices over time, ease configuration control, lifecycle maintenance, and supply management while freeing up your resources to focus on mission critical activities.

Government agencies can choose from a list of experienced MPS Contractors that will enable agencies to:

  • Reduce their total cost of ownership by reducing number of devices;
  • Ease configuration control, life cycle maintenance and supply management;
  • Improving printing habits and policies;
  • Improving network, device and end-user security;
  • Optimizing device utilization; and
  • Reducing the environmental impact of paper output and energy consumption.

MPS is a holistic service offering that can be tailored to include:

  • Consumable supplies;
  • Imaging devices;
  • Maintenance;
  • Ongoing optimization services;
  • Print policy;
  • Print usage and fleet assessment;
  • Reporting;
  • Repairs;
  • Security enhancements; and
  • User support.

Leasing, Rental and the Termination Ceiling Charge Information

The following documents explain the procedures and associated costs of buying, leasing, and renting copier equipment. They also provide information on Termination Ceiling Charges. You can use this document to learn how to calculate monthly payments, modifications and termination charges.

For additional help on calculating your copier costs, see the attached Copier Lease Calculator. This Excel workbook contains preformatted spreadsheets and formulas to help you gain an accurate estimate of your purchasing, leasing, rental and termination expenses.

The image below shows the operation lease order for printers.

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