FAQ for Human Capital Management

The Human Resources (HR) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 738 X, formerly known as HR and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), is being renamed to Human Capital Management and Administrative Support Services to reflect its offerings and new enhanced features

To reflect the full scope expansion of Human Capital and Administrative Services within the Schedule and align with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Federal Human Capital Business Reference Model (HC BRM) framework

In addition to the enhancement of SIN 595 21, 10 new SINS are added to better align with the OPM Federal Human Capital Business Reference Model. They are organized and defined into the following specific HR sub groupings:

New Schedule 738 X SINs
SIN Description
595 21 Agency Human Capital Strategy, Policy, & Operational Planning
595 2 Talent Acquisition
595 3 Talent Development
595 4 Employee Performance Management
595 5 Compensation & Benefits
595 6 Separation & Retirement
595 7 Employee Relations
595 8 Labor Relations
595 9 Workforce Analytics & Employee Records
595 10 Agency Human Capital Evaluation
595 11 Administrative Support Services

Existing, Non-Impacted Schedule 738 X SINs
SIN Description
595 22 Private Shared Service Center for Core HR Services
595 25 EEO Investigations & Training
595 26 Private Shared Service Center for Non-Core HR Services
595 27 Pre-Employment Screening/Background Investigations
595 28 Social Services: EAP, Veterans Re-Adjustment & Behavioral Health Services

Each SIN represents a sub category in the current OPM HC BRM Framework. The Framework is part of the organizing principles behind HR Category Management. Each subcategory is a family of services

Each SIN has been assigned its own specific set of PSC and NAICS codes that define specific business lines and are part of the complete arena of Human Capital Management. This facilitates identification and award of specific HR services

Some customers expressed having difficulty identifying vendors who provided specific Human Resources services they needed to acquire

In the past, the SIN had a detailed description with 15 or more "Sub-SINs" that defined a specific Human Resources family of services. The description was condensed in an effort to simplify it, but our customers indicated the change resulted in greater difficulty identifying vendors of specific services, so the latest change to SIN 595 21 aims to incorporate simpler descriptions while retaining separate "Sub-SINs" to assist them with specific needs

Task orders currently assigned to SIN 595 21 will NOT be impacted and remain in full effect with no change to contract numbers and no change in validity periods

The existing 127 vendors under SIN 595 21 maintain their identification as a provider of the new SIN 595 21. Each vendor already has been awarded services or labor categories that align with one or more of the new SINs

The vendor’s responsibility is to select and add any of the new SINs, via eMOD, that may be applicable to their current awards. Contracting officers will act as advisers to assist the vendor with deciding if and how to submit a modification to their existing , contract awards. Some vendors may choose not add any new SINs and some may choose to add many new SINs. The new Administrative Services SIN (595 11) allows vendors to add services and labor rates that are ancillary to the major Human Capital Management sub categories

The GSA point of contact is Tony Zaza at tony.zaza@gsa.gov

Last Reviewed: 2019-06-12