Schedule 75 FAQ

MAS 75 is GSA’s solution for office supplies. It is a purchasing channel solution that helps federal customers achieve significant savings on their office supply purchases, while also supporting the nation’s small businesses.

You will be able to offer federal, state, local, and tribal government the products that we awarded to be part of the MAS 75 contract. The MAS contract is not a traditional contract—having the contract does not automatically mean business; rather, it provides you the opportunity to sell to the government under the program.

Your first step is to download the MAS 75 Solicitation. Visit the How to Get a Contract webpage, which will walk you through the basic steps and requirements. You can also contact the National Customer Service Center at 800-488-3111, or email and request the most current "How to Get on Schedule" presentation.

The GSA Vendor Support Center has a wealth of information on contracting with GSA. The "Pathway to Success" training webinar is a great place to start assessing your readiness.

The Solicitation is on the Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) website. Be sure to download the entire solicitation package with the attachments.

MAS 75 accepts only electronic offers via GSA’s electronic offer submission system called eOffer. To submit electronically, go to the eOffer website. You can find user guides and instructions on how to obtain digital certificates required for submitting offers or requesting modifications if a contract is awarded.

We have put together the side-by-side comparison below of the Legacy and new Enhanced SINs to help potential contractors to decide which SIN they should submit to.

Difference Between Legacy and Enhanced SINs
Program Requirements

OS4 Enhanced SIN
(MAS 75 220 & 280)

MAS 75 Legacy SINs
(MAS 75 85, 200, & 210)

OCONUS (Overseas) utilization SIN 75 280 provides provides 7 day direct delivery to overseas customer base of products. Optional, demonstrate a proper tracking system and provide a sample packaging label.
Demonstrated ability to meet all environmental reporting and green product requirements X X
Improve compliance with Trade Agreements Act (TAA) and other regulations via a demonstrated system X X
Stronger Letter Of Supply (LOS) with enhanced controls against gray/black market abuses X X
Fee structure IFF of 0.75% and Contract Access Fee of 1.25% IFF of 0.75%
AbilitiyOne requirements Must be AbilityOne Certified Distributor (*75-220 only) AbilityOne Certified Distributor Optional
Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) Required Optional
Provide point of sale discount for all contract orders X Optional
Delivery timeframe requirements Standard CONUS delivery within 4 business days ARO Maximum CONUS delivery up to 30 days (Many are 7-14 days ARO)
Demonstrated ability to provide “Fill or Kill” status X Optional
Agency-defined reports at no additional cost X Optional
Desktop and Secure Desktop delivery (optional) X X
Real time order status on GSA Advantage (optional) X X
A CTA is an arrangement between two or more GSA Schedule contractors to work together to meet an agency's requirements. The CTA allows the contractor to meet the government agency needs by providing a total solution that combines the supplies and/or services from the team members' separate GSA Schedule contracts. It permits contractors to complement each other's capabilities to compete for orders for which they may not independently qualify. A customer benefits from a CTA by buying a solution rather than making separate buys from various contractors. Learn more about Contractor Team Arrangements.

GSA is re-opening Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 75 to new offers and also establishing new Enhanced Special Item Numbers (SINs).

The SINs being reopened are:

  • SIN 75-200 for Office Products with updated Requirements
    • Demonstrated ability to meet all environmental reporting and green product requirements
    • Demonstrated system to remain compliant with Trade Agreements Act
    • Updated Letter of Supply (LOS)
  • SIN 75-85 for Restroom Products with an updated Letter of Supply
  • SIN 75-210 for Office Services with an updated Letter of Supply

MAS 75 newly established Enhanced SINS mirroring the attributes of the FSSI OS3 solution:

  • SIN 75-220 Enhanced SIN for Office Products & Services / Office Supplies 4th Generation (OS4)
  • SIN 75-280 Enhanced SIN for Overseas Office Products & Services / Office Supplies 4th Generation (OS4)
Vendors are not permitted to be on both the legacy SIN 75-200 and Enhanced SIN 75-220/280 (OS4) at the same time. If a contractor is already on SIN 75 200, the contract with the legacy SIN will be cancelled upon contract award of Enhanced SIN 75 220 or 75 280.

If an existing MAS 75 contractor wants a contract under SIN 75 220 or 75 280, they should submit an offer for these SINs for all the products they currently offer under SIN 75 200. In addition, existing contractors with SIN 75 85 should include this SIN on their offer for all the restroom products, if they wish to continue offering these products.

GSA will provide a solution if BPA(s) were previously awarded on a contract with the legacy SINs.

Reference Business Rules attachment for more information.

AbilityOne certification is required for Enhanced SIN 75 220. It is optional for the Legacy SINs. If you are interested in becoming an AbilityOne distributor, visit the AbilityOne website for more information.

The TDR rule enables GSA to collect transactional-level data on purchases made through a GSA contract vehicle. This data provides valuable information that not only helps us craft smarter buying strategies, but allows agencies to make smarter purchasing decisions, enhances competition and gives the federal government key intelligence around buying patterns.

Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) is mandatory for SINs 75-220 and 75-280. TDR is optional for the legacy SINs. If your company is not able to meet this requirement, consider applying for the legacy SINs.

Visit the TDR website for more information.

This is a business decision that must be made by each individual vendor. Your target federal customer and the contract vehicles they use will help you decide which SIN to submit an offer under. GSA has developed a market outlook document to assist vendors in this process. The market outlook is attached with this interact posting.

GSA will be holding webinars to help vendors decide how to choose the best SIN for their individual strengths. Please stay tuned to GSA Interact for more information.

The new enhanced SINs (75-220 and 75-280) and legacy SINS (75-200, 75-210, and 75-85) will be open to all socio-economic categories and business sizes. There is no restriction on the number of contracts to be awarded.

The new enhanced SINs (75-220 and 75-280) and legacy SINS (75-200, 75-210, and 75-85) will be open to all socio-economic categories and business sizes. There is no restriction on the number of contracts to be awarded.
It is the contractor's responsibility to develop (or have in place) an adequate system to ensure that all products awarded on GSA schedule contracts are compliant with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Clause 52.225.5. This system must allow you to monitor the country of origin (COO) for products awarded on contract to ensure that they are TAA compliant and that they remain TAA compliant while on contract, particularly for products not manufactured by your company. In developing a TAA compliant system, your approach should include proactive processes and not rely on the manufacturer and/or wholesalers to notify you of changes in production points. In addition to maintaining TAA compliance, you must ensure the COO information you upload to GSA Advantage is accurate.
The GSA price negotiated must be offered no matter which contractor sales platform the customer buys from. For example, if a contractor operates retail stores, the price for items on contract in that store must be automatically available to an eligible customer.
There is no deadline. All SINs will be continuously open to offers. We encourage offerors to take their time and submit the best offer possible.

The reopening of MAS 75 & OS4 will meet the goals of GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service by:

  • Refreshing and expanding a competitive pool of qualified vendors;
  • Increasing opportunity for small business participation;
  • Improving customer’s value on OS4 by offering more favorable terms/conditions and savings; and
  • Increasing OCONUS (overseas) utilization.

Combining the attributes of MAS 75 and the FSSI OS3 solutions into a single acquisition solution will allow us to reduce contract duplication and improve efficiencies. A single acquisition solution will result in increased market share, reduced program leakage, and improved customer satisfaction. The reopening of MAS 75 and addition of the new enhanced SIN, aka OS4, will meet the goals of GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service by:

  • Refreshing and expanding a competitive pool of qualified vendors;
  • Increasing opportunity for Small Business participation;
  • Increasing OCONUS (overseas) utilization;
  • Creating opportunities for small business;
  • Enhancing controls against gray/black market abuses;
  • Improving compliance with Trade Agreements Act (TAA) and other regulations;
  • Establishing a trusted marketplace with good pricing and strong oversight;
  • Maximizing efficiencies and effectiveness in contract administration;
  • Supporting Agencies in meeting socio-economic goals; and
  • Increasing competition to drive cost savings.
This reopening, which includes the OS4 SINs, is intended to provide an office supplies solution that is the successor acquisition vehicle to OS3.
Please stay tuned for more information. A schedule of information sessions will be posted soon. In the meantime, please review the MAS Roadmap on how to prepare an offer.
Last Reviewed: 2019-07-30