FAQ for Schedule 76

Offerings include online and hard copy periodicals, books, desk references, professional journal and technical publication subscription services. Broadcast and multi-media entertainment services covering news, business trends, consumer reporting and cable updates are offered, along with mailing list, virtual library maintenance and advanced search linking for military, business, security, technical or intelligence applications.
Schedule 76 covers a wide spectrum of publications including professional journals, books, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers and databases.
SIN 760 3 covers professional services including editing, writing, proofreading and fact checking along with archiving and library management services. These services can be prepared in virtually any format.
In support of GSA’s commitment to green service offerings, many publications have gone digital. The contractors on schedule offer e-publishing, digital workflow solutions, on demand publishing and online bookselling services. These green services reduce the need for print publishing and therefore encourage sustaining green efforts.
This information is available under SIN 760 6 along with home video, games and simulation products with educational and entertainment content. In addition, subscriptions to satellite delivered news services such as CNN can be found here.
This service can be found under SIN 760 2, as well as other databases.
Ranging from your basic electronic dictionary to geological maps and even children’s’ books, SIN 760 1 is your one stop resource for books and pamphlets.
Last Reviewed: 2020-01-23