Mail Management Products and Services

When staffing is short and budgets are tight, GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 36 | The Office Imaging and Document Solution provides federal agencies with mail management and administrative support solutions that reduce operational costs and free up resources to focus on core mission activities.

Schedule 36 offers a variety of products that can meet all of your mailing needs with the aid of meters, date and time stamps, or completely integrated systems. Select Schedule 36 product SINs below to view both small and large business able to provide these products:

Mail Management Products
SIN Description
50 163 Mail Processing Machines, Systems and Related Software
50 205 Rental Plan for Postage Meters and Related Mailing Equipment
47 355 Dictating and Transcribing Machines and Systems

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If you have concerns about getting the best equipment without incurring excessive costs, or are unsure about which products will best suit your mailroom, you can choose from Industries' most trusted vendors who are able to provide a customized solution for your needs.

Mail Management Services
SIN Description
733 1 Mailroom Administrative Support Services
733 2 Presort Mail
733 3 Miscellaneous Mail Services
733 4 List Management Services
733 5 Mailroom Ergonomic Analysis Services
733 6 Mail Screening and Inspection Services

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When you procure mail management support services from GSA Schedule 36, you get a top-notch mail and supply facility, with skilled workers, while outsourcing the responsibilities.

SIN 51 1000—Ancillary Supplies and/or Services, gives Schedule 36 contractors the ability to supplement their quote with any commercial product or service, even if it is not within scope of any of the other Schedule 36 SINs. This makes it easier for agencies to procure a total solution for even the most unique mail management requirement.

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