When establishing Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) under the GSA Schedules Program, the ordering activity must document:

  • The Schedule contracts considered, noting the contractors with which BPAs have been established. This includes Schedules considered as part of a small business set-aside, if applicable (Note: No other justification is required for a set-aside);
  • A description of the requirements; i.e., the supply or service purchased including estimated quantities and work to be performed;
  • The results of negotiations including agreed upon pricing;
  • The estimated value;
  • If applicable, the circumstances and rationale for restricting consideration of Schedule contractors to fewer than required in the Schedule ordering procedures for BPAs exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold this will include the approved justification as required at FAR 8.405-6 and any relevant supporting documentation;
  • Documentation supporting the decision to establish multiple-award BPAs or a single-award BPA;
  • If a single-award BOA exceeding $112 Million, the required HCA determination;
  • Evidence of compliance with the procedures at FAR 8.405-3(b), including consideration of a minimum of three potential/sources/offers from industry partners who can meet the requirements or documentation of why if fewer sources were considered;
  • If the BPA as established allows for some/all of the orders to be placed on basis other than firm-fixed price or performance-based, the rationale for this allowance; and
  • The basis for the award decision, including:
    • The evaluation methodology used;
    • The rationale for any tradeoffs in making the selection; and
    • A price reasonableness determination required by FAR 8.405-3(b)(2)(vi) for BPAs with services requiring a statement of work.

When ordering from BPAs, the ordering activity must document:

  • The BPA holders considering, noting the holder from which the supply or service was purchased;
  • A description of the supply or service purchased;
  • The amount paid;
  • If applicable, the fair and reasonable price determination required by FAR 8.405-2(d) for orders for services requiring a statement of work; and
  • If applicable, the rationale for using other than a firm-fixed price order or a performance-based order.

If ordering from multiple BPAs, in addition to the above, the ordering activity must document:

  • The BPAs considered;
  • Evidence of compliance with the procedures of FAR 8.405-3(c)(2)(iii)(A)(1), (2) and (3) or the justification to not do so, prepared and approved in accordance with FAR 8.405-6; and
  • The basis for the award decision.

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