Available Offerings and Requirements

The Multiple Award Schedule (MAS or the Schedule) solicitation is broken into Large Categories, Subcategories, and Special Item Numbers (SINs) that have corresponding North American Industrial Classification Codes (NAICS).

To identify the large categories, subcategories, and SINs currently available under MAS, please view the latest Available Offerings Attachment [XLSX - 250 KB].

For reference, this version of the available offerings attachment [XLSX - 307 KB] contains a mapping of legacy Schedule and SIN to the new MAS SINs.

The MAS solicitation outlines requirements for all offerors, including the required information you must attach to your offer to be considered for a Schedule contract. In addition, some large categories, subcategories or SINs have unique requirements or additional templates and attachments that may be required as part of your offer. This additional information is used to better evaluate your offer and confirm you are ready to do business with the Federal government. Below is an outline of the attachments and templates that you may be required to submit with your offer.

For more information on the applicability of each template or attachment, please refer to SCP-FSS-001 under section I of the MAS solicitation and each applicable “Large Category Attachment” related to your offerings. In addition to specific attachments, there may be clauses or additional instructions specific to your offerings outlined in those documents.

Solicitation Attachments and Templates - Complete offering requirements and information are provided in the MAS solicitation and large Category attachments. Templates, attachments, and critical information referenced in the solicitation are provided below for use. Please reference solicitation documents for further instruction.

Category Specific Attachments and Templates

Depending on the products or services your company would like to offer on Schedule, additional certifications, requirements or attachments may be required as part of your offer submission. Large categories, subcategories and SINs that require submission of additional attachments with your offer are noted in the solicitation. If a template or specific format is required for submission, it is provided here, per the instructions in the solicitation. At this time, the following large categories have no templates or specific formats to share: Human Capital, Security and Protection, and Scientific Management and Solutions.

  • This certification applies to the following subcategories:
    • Healthcare Furniture,
    • Household Dormitory and Quarters,
    • Miscellaneous Furniture, and
    • Office Furniture.
      Test and Technical Requirements Certification for Furniture [DOCX - 15 KB] -This document certifies that proposed products have been tested and passed the applicable test requirements as identified in the solicitation. Offerors must provide this certification at the time of offer proposal, each contract extension (option renewal period), and each contract modification request to add new products.
  • Flooring Subcategory
  • Complementary SINs Subcategory
    • SIN 238910 - Installation and Site Preparation Services
  • Identity Protection Services Subcategory
    • Identity Protection Services (IPS) additional proposal instructions include 4 supplemental documents required for SIN 541990IPS only. Please review and/or complete all documents prior to submission of a proposal for SIN 541990IPS
    • Document 1A [PDF - 462 KB] includes important definitions related to Identity Protection Services
    • Document 1B [PDF - 349 KB] contains additional proposal instructions.
    • Document 1C [DOCX - 8 MB] is the Identity Protection Services (IPS) System Security Plan (SSP) template.
    • Document 2 [PDF - 401 KB] is the pricing document.
  • Environmental Services Subcategory

For helpful hints and guidance for buyers and sellers related to specific large categories, subcategories or SINs, please visit the category pages on gsa.gov.

Last Reviewed: 2020-11-18