Generic NSNs for Appliances

Please note that these items are only available through January 31, 2021.

Most appliances offered on Schedule can be purchased through GSA using a generic National Stock Number (NSN). GSA has established a generic NSN for each appliance Federal Stock Class (FSC) where no valid NSN exists. The NSNs are accessible through WebFLIS (a nongovernment website), and are to be used only for appliance models where no valid NSN exists.

Please submit a FEDSTRIP/MILSTRIP A0E/A05 requisition using one of the NSNs listed below. Also, reference the valid manufacturer's model/part number and description of what is being requested in the exception data. Please note: depending on the dollar value of the order, additional information may be needed before the order is able to be processed.

Listed below are the NSNs and their corresponding appliances:

  • 3510-01-471-1872 - Laundry Appliances;
  • 4110-01-471-1875 - Refrigerated Appliances;
  • 4120-01-471-1877 - Air Conditioners;
  • 7310-01-471-1878 - Cooking Appliances; and
  • 7320-01-471-1879 - Dishwashers.

If you cannot process a requisition with exception data through your own system, please contact National Customer Service Center (NCSC) for assistance.

GSA has a FEDSTRIP/MILSTRIP ordering guide available for order or download. Please visit the GSA Centralized Mailing List Service (CMLS) to obtain the FEDSTRIP Operating Guide.

Please contact Heartland Acquisition Center for the NSN ordering and for additional information:

Heartland Acquisition Center

Phone: 816-926-5121
DSN: 465-5121
Fax: 816-926-7971

Last Reviewed: 2020-11-12