Delegation of Procurement Authority

The USA CONTACT contract enables agencies to obtain high quality, state-of-the-art, cost-effective contact center solutions in a timely manner to better serve the public. USA CONTACT has a list pre-qualified solution partners to meet your contact center needs.

Contracting With Solution Partners for Contact Center Services

To get started, follow the steps below for obtaining a Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA). With a DPA, your agency retains and manages all aspects of the procurement process, so once the delegation request is approved, your agency takes over from there. You’ll have full control of all aspects of the procurement and once awarded, you work directly with the selected vendor.

Delegation of Procurement Authority Steps

Step 1: Review the following documents:

Step 2: Complete and return the signed Request Form [DOC - 45 KB] along with a copy of your Certificate of Appointment (SF1402/Warrant).

These are the items to complete on the form:

  • Name of the Contracting Officer
  • Name of the Department and Agency
  • Signature of Contracting Officer
  • Contact information for the Contracting Officer

The signed Request Form and Certificate of Appointment are to be emailed to

Step 3: Obtain approval from USA Contact Team

  • USA Contact Team will review the submitted documents from Step 2
  • After reviewing, the USA Contact contracting officer will delegate authority to your agency by sending an approval e-mail, including the contact information for the seven (7) solution partners. Their contact information can also be found if you click here, Solution Partners.

Step 4: Your agency takes over the procurement process

  • Your agency’s designated contracting officer sends out the RFQ
  • Your agency reviews the proposals and makes the contract award
  • Your agency forwards copies of the task order award and any modifications to

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact the USA CONTACT Program Office at

Last Reviewed: 2021-02-23