5440.725 ADM Changes in the Office of Government-wide Policy

  • Posted Date: 09/12/2019
  • Status: Validated
  • Outdated on: 09/12/2026


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ADM 5440.725

September 12, 2019




SUBJECT:  Changes in the Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP)           

1.  Purpose. This Order announces changes in the organizational structure of OGP. 

2.  Background. OGP has determined the need to establish a team focused solely on managing and improving the Federal rulemaking process and technology. The establishment of this team creates organizational efficiencies by aligning all personal property management, including aviation-related assets, into one singular team.

3.  Changes in Organization

     a.  The Office of Regulation Management

          (1) The Office of Regulation Management is established.

          (2)  The office is headed by a director who reports to the OGP Principal Deputy Associate Administrator.

          (3)  The eRulemaking program management office is transferred from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to GSA under this newly established office.

          (4)  The Regulatory Information Service Center Division is realigned from the Office of Acquisition Policy to this newly established office.

     b.  The Office of Asset & Transportation Management

          (1)  The  Aviation Policy Division functionality and personnel will be transferred to the Personal Property Division. 

          (2)  The Aviation Policy Division is abolished.

4.  Implementing Actions

     a.  The changes outlined in this Order become effective upon signature. Implementation of this Order will be coordinated between the affected organizations, in consultation with the Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), to ensure the appropriate alignment of the functions, staff, authorities, and other resources associated with the changes outlined above in paragraph 3.

     b.  Implementation of this Order, as it affects employees represented by a labor bargaining unit, is contingent upon completion of labor relations obligations. Positions affected by this change are subject to normal classification procedures. 

     c.  The approval of this Order authorizes the determination and appropriate adjustments, including realignment between offices of budget and funding sources as determined by the CFO. 

     d.  The Chief Administrative Services Officer may cancel this Order, in consultation with the CHCO, upon publication of a superseding directive that cancels it in accordance with OAS 1832.1B. 

5.  Signature.



/S/__________________________________               September 12, 2019

EMILY W. MURPHY                                                        


General Services Administration


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