7030.1B OAS P Parking Management at GSA Headquarters Building

  • Posted Date: 03/07/2014
  • Status: Validated
  • Outdated on: 03/07/2028


             Washington, DC 20405



March 7, 2014; Revalidated November 30, 2020




SUBJECT:  Parking Management at GSA Headquarters Building

1.   Purpose.  This directive revises policies and procedures for parking management at the GSA Headquarters (HQ) Building, in accordance with 41 CFR 102-74.265 to 41 CFR 102-74.310.   

2.   Cancellation.  ADM 7030.1B is cancelled.

3.   Nature of Revision.  This order revises the priority list for assigning parking spaces, establishes the Office of Administrative Services (OAS) as being responsible for parking oversight, and revises visitor parking procedures.

4.   Responsibilities.

      a.  The 1800 F Tenant Support Branch, Internal Workplace Management Division (IWMD), OAS is responsible for administering and managing the parking management program at the GSA HQ Building.   These responsibilities include:

           (1)    Assigning parking spaces and managing all parking issues.        

           (2)    Conducting an annual review and updating parking assignments.           

           (3)    Issuing parking permits and maintaining parking assignment records.

           (4)    Managing the system for handling vanpool and carpool requests.

           (5)    Enforcing parking policies and procedures, as outlined in this directive.

           (6)    Notifying parking permit holders when the courtyard is closed due to special circumstances.

           (7)    Serving as liaison to the Office of Mission Assurance on security issues regarding employee access to the GSA HQ Building courtyard and associated parking.

           (8)    Serving as liaison to the Public Buildings Service to obtain services provided by the Federal Ridesharing Program for GSA HQ Building employees.

      b.  OAS will designate a GSA HQ Parking Coordinator to carry out these responsibilities.

      c.  The Office of Human Resource Management, Executive Resources Staff, will advise GSA’s Parking Coordinator of changes in GSA HQ executives (Senior Executive Service (SES) members) and provide a quarterly list of all SES members assigned to GSA HQ.

SUBJECT:  Parking Management at GSA Headquarters Building (Full PDF Format)

Last Reviewed: 2020-11-30