2160.4A CIO Provisioning of Information Technology (IT) Devices

  • Posted Date: 01/19/2016
  • Status: Validated
  • Outdated on: 01/19/2023

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CIO 2160.4A
January 19, 2016



SUBJECT:  Provisioning of Information Technology (IT) Devices

1.  Purpose. The purpose of this Order is to provide direction and guidance on the deployment of computer workstations, mobile devices, and printers for agency and designated contractor personnel.

2.  Cancellation. This Order cancels CIO 2160.4 Provisioning of Information Technology (IT) Devices dated March 16, 2009 and CIO IL-15-01 Acquisition and Support of Cellular Devices dated May 21, 2015.

3.  Background. With the consolidation of IT infrastructure operations, there is a need for standardization on the deployment of IT devices to facilitate asset management, improve security, limit environmental impacts, and manage costs. 

4.  Applicability. This Order applies to all GSA Service and Staff Offices (SSOs), Regions and business units. It also applies to all GSA employees and authorized users of accounts on the GSA IT Infrastructure.

     a.  Authorized users are employees of GSA and other Government organizations and those contractors, consultants, or other third parties who are specifically granted access to conduct business on behalf of or with GSA or other Government organizations supported by GSA.  Compliance with this policy should be addressed in Statements of Work (SOWs) for contractors.

     b.  This Order applies to the Office of Inspector General (OIG) to the extent that the OIG determines it is consistent with the OIG’s independent authority under the IG Act, and it does not conflict with other OIG policies or the OIG mission.

5.  Roles and Responsibilities.

     a.  The Office of GSA IT is responsible for:

          (1)  The procurement, management and maintenance of IT Resources such as computer workstations, laptops, and mobile devices; and

          (2)  Providing network connectivity to print devices.

     b.  The Office of Administrative Services (OAS), in partnership with the Office of GSA IT and in accordance with OAS 1860.1 Print Management Policies and Practices is responsible for:

          (1)  Internal agency policies regarding print output device acquisition, management, and use; and

          (2)  The acquisition of all print output devices.

6.  Policy. All GSA employees and authorized users are expected to utilize standard equipment unless an exception has been approved by appropriate authorities.

7.  Workstation Standard

     a.  The current GSA standard workstation configuration is posted on Insite at the link to Internal Standards: Conference Rooms, Workplaces, Workstations Configurations.

     b.  Additional workstations, non-standard components (including desktop workstations and tablet workstations), or other additional components require an approved waiver request. 

8.  Mobile Device Standard.

     a.  The standard GSA mobile configuration is:

           (1)  One cellular smartphone (which includes hotspot/data service), or

           (2)  One ‘flip phone’ cellular phone (with voice only service).

     b.  In general, mobile devices may be provided for individuals who:

          (1)  Frequently travel away from their normal duty station/work station and must maintain timely contact with employees/management to support business continuity; or

          (2)  Are “on call” outside of normal business hours.

     c.  As prescribed in CIO P 2165.2 GSA Telecommunications Policy, requests for mobile devices are made through the ServiceNow Catalog, approved by the supervisor, and routed to the regional Designated Agency Representative (DAR) to be ordered from the current FSSI contract. Charges will be applied to the associated business line.

     d.  Any required accessories for cellular devices will also be funded by business lines, and should be ordered via the existing FSSI contract. See Accessories for Your AT&T Mobile Phone for more information. 

     e.  GSA IT will manage and provide technical support for mobile phones and tablets and will do so within the current infrastructure support environment. 

     f.  Damaged, lost, or stolen devices should be reported to the immediate supervisor, appropriate IT manager and the Service Desk. Replacement or repair will be determined at that time. If a replacement is needed it will be handled through the regional DAR and charged to the employee’s cost center, the same as a new purchase.

     g.  Since tethering is available on all smart phones at no additional cost, the purchase of tablets with cellular service is not authorized. Purchase of any WiFi-only tablets will be funded by business lines.

     h.  While purchase of commercial item information technology is exempt from the Buy American Act, it is subject to the Trade Agreements Act.  Due to the complexities of this Act, and because Apple products are made in China, SSOs should consult with assigned counsel for advice before purchasing Apple products. 

     i.  Approval of a waiver request (see below) is required to obtain multiple mobile devices.

9.  Printer Standard. In accordance with OAS 1860.1 Print Management Policies and Practices, GSA’s preliminary agency-wide target ratios for the number of users per print device are 14 authorized users to one multi-functional device and 14 authorized users to one network/group printer. Actual print device allocation at GSA locations may vary depending on such factors as space configuration and print volume requirements. Purchases of new personal printers, standalone copiers, and standalone fax machines are prohibited unless the requirements are waived in accordance with the guidance contained in OAS 1860.1 or current policy.

10. Non-Standard Computers and Tablets.

      a.  Business lines are responsible for funding and specification of non-standard computers and tablets for purchase by GSA IT; they are not part of the normal provisioning.

      b.  Upon ordering a non-standard computer or tablet, the purchasing information (including make, model, configuration, quantity, and approximate arrival date) must be submitted online via the Service Catalog Request using the form called "ServiceNow Asset Intake."

      c.  When the non-standard computer or tablet is received by the user it must be immediately delivered to the local support team for set up, configuration, and installation of required security software.

      d.  In order to receive the configured device, the user must submit an online workstation upgrade request to the GSA IT Service Desk. This can be found within the Service Catalog Request under the section titled “Equipment Requests,” and the subsection titled “Hardware Requests” by selecting the Catalog Request entitled "Workstation.” The user must choose the “Upgrade my current workstation” option. The user should state within the business justification the make/model/configuration of the device to be assigned.

      e.  When a user is assigned a non-standard computer or tablet for use, they are implicitly agreeing to return their current Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) hardware and replace it with the selected non-standard computer or tablet.      

      f.  Users should be aware that use of a non-standard computer or tablet could be delayed approximately 1 week while the support team configures the system and returns it to the user.

      g.  More information about submitting Service Catalog requests can be found on the GSA InSite webpage How to Make Service Catalog Requests.

      h.  If additional assistance is required concerning non-standard computers or tablets, contact your IT manager. A list of IT Customer Support Center Managers can be found on InSite.

      i.  GSA IT will not support any device  that is non-standard and has not been approved.

11.  Funding and Procurement of IT Devices. Purchase of IT devices may result in additional procurement and/or ongoing support costs. GSA IT will provide guidance for procurement of non-standard hardware.  Contact the IT Customer Support Center Manager for additional information.

12.  Waiver Requests. Requests for IT devices not in conformance with the standards must have a business justification approved in advance of ordering and deploying requested equipment. The Exception Waiver Form page on InSite details the waiver process which includes attaching the approved waiver to the Service Catalog Request within ServiceNow.

13.  Disposal of Obsolete Equipment Including Non-Standard Equipment. GSA IT has responsibility to maintain the integrity and security of the GSA IT infrastructure and must ensure that any GSA equipment connected to the infrastructure meets all GSA security and operation policies. All GFE must be returned for disposal according to current guidelines. Contact the GSA IT Service Desk for details.

14.  References.

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Chief Information Officer
Office of GSA IT


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