5785.1A OAS Conference and Event Management

  • Posted Date: 05/11/2017
  • Status: Validated
  • Outdated on: 05/11/2024


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OAS 5785.1A

May 11, 2017




SUBJECT:  Conference and Event Management (Full PDF Format)

1.  Purpose.  To provide guidance on sponsoring or co-sponsoring conferences, internal management meetings involving travel, and award ceremonies with cost; attending or participating in any of these events; and accepting payment of travel expenses or gifts from a non-Federal source related to attending a conference or meeting.

2.  Background.  Executive Order 13589, Promoting Efficient Spending, directs agencies to cut waste in Federal Government spending and identify opportunities to promote efficient and effective spending, including a reduction in conference and travel costs.  The development and training of GSA employees is essential to fulfill GSA’s mission and to effectively conduct official business.  Employees’ attendance at training and conferences is authorized by the Government Employees Training Act, 5 U.S.C. 4101 et seq.; and allowable employee travel expenses related to such conferences are regulated by the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR).

3.  Scope and applicability.  This directive provides standards, instructions and procedures governing the management and participation in events that require travel.  The provisions apply to all GSA employees except for employees of the Office of Inspector General (OIG), given its independence under the Inspector General Act, as amended (5 U.S.C. App. 3).  This directive applies to CBCA to the extent that the CBCA determines it is consistent with the CBCA’s independent authority under the Contract Disputes Act and applicable Federal Court decisions and does not conflict with other CBCA policies or its mission.

4.  Cancellation.   ADM IL 12-01, Policy on Management and Approval of Conferences and Award Ceremonies, is cancelled.

SUBJECT:  Conference and Event Management (Full PDF Format)

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