4025.5 FSS P (Extended) Donation of Surplus Personal Property (chs

  • Posted Date: 03/24/1999
  • Status: Validated
  • Outdated on: 07/17/2019

This document is the FIRST of two documents in the automated GSA Directives Library used to depict FSS P 4025.5.  This document contains the change orders, the entire table of contents, and chapters 1 - 12.  The second document contains only appendixes A and B and the table of contents pertaining to those portions of the handbook. 

           Washington, DC 20405 

FSS P 4025.5 CHGE 4, Extended
March 24, 1999, Extened on June 8, 2018



SUBJECT: Donation of Surplus Personal Property (chs

1.   Purpose.  This order transmits changed pages to the HB, Donation of Surplus Personal Property. 

2.   Cancellations.  FSS IL 95-2 and FSS IL 97-1 are canceled.

3.   Explanation of changes.  Ch. 2 is revised as follows:

a.  Par. 13a is revised to update the guidelines for determining the frequency of State agency reviews. 

b.  Fig. 2-5.1 is retitled and revised to update the national distribution target percentages, which were formerly called national entitlement percentages.

c.  Figs. 2-9.2, 2-9.3, and 2-9.4 are revised to update the conditional transfer documents for vessels, non-combat-type aircraft, and combat-type aircraft.


Federal Supply Service 



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