5440.721 ADM Establishment of the GSA-OPM Merger Project Management Office

  • Posted Date: 11/05/2018
  • Status: Validated
  • Outdated on: 11/05/2025

                 Washington, DC  20405


ADM 5440.721
November 5, 2018



SUBJECT:  Establishment of the GSA-OPM Merger Project Management Office

1.  Purpose.  This Order announces the creation of the GSA-OPM Merger Project Management Office. 

2.  Background.  The Executive Office of the President released the Delivering Government Solutions in the 21st Century: Reform Plan and Reorganization Recommendations in June 2018, which recommended transferring portions of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), including the Human Resources Solutions organization (HRS), into the General Services Administration (GSA). This supports the President’s Management Agenda: Modernizing Government for the 21st Century (June 28, 2017), which called for the establishment of “a strategic government-wide framework for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative services.”  To support implementation of the Reform Plan and Agenda, the administration established GSA as a co-lead for the “Sharing Quality Services” Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) goal.  Among other tasks, GSA is expected to help drive and expand the number and use of common solutions across government to reduce duplication and costs as well as improve the quality and delivery of shared services by using common solutions; standard administrative operations; and core performance metrics.

In order to deliver on these new responsibilities, GSA has identified the need to create the “GSA-OPM Merger Project Management Office,” to be housed under the Deputy Administrator and headed by the Director of the GSA-OPM Merger Project Management Office.  

The GSA-OPM Merger Project Management Office will take on the responsibility for integrating OPM’s HRS organization and other functions or responsibilities of OPM into GSA.

3.  Changes in Organization

     a.  The GSA-OPM Merger Project Management Office

          (1)  The GSA-OPM Merger Project Management Office is established.  The office is headed by a Senior Executive Service director who reports to the GSA Deputy Administrator. 

          (2)  The GSA-OPM Merger Project Management Office is responsible for the planning and implementation of the consolidation of OPM functions into GSA.

4.  Implementation Actions

     a.  The changes outlined in this Order become effective upon signature. Implementation of this Order will be coordinated between the affected organizations, in consultation with the Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO) and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), to ensure the appropriate alignment of the functions, staff, authorities, and other resources associated with the changes outlined above in paragraph 3. 

     b.  Implementation of this Order, as it affects employees represented by a labor bargaining unit, is contingent upon completion of labor relations obligations.  Positions affected by this change are subject to normal classification procedures. 

     c.  The approval of this Order authorizes the determination and appropriate adjustments, including realignment between offices, of budget and funding sources as determined by the CFO. 

     d.  The Chief Administrative Services Officer may cancel this Order, in consultation with the CHCO, upon publication of a superseding directive that cancels it in accordance with OAS 1832.1B. 

5.  Signature.



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