2160.2B CIO CHGE 1 GSA Electronic Messaging and Related Services

  • Date: 06/17/2015
  • Status: Validated
  • Outdated on: 06/17/2022


             Washington, DC 20405

CIO 2160.2B CHGE 1
June 17, 2015




SUBJECT:  GSA Electronic Messaging and Related Services (Full PDF Format)

1.  Purpose.  This Order updates GSA's directive on electronic messaging due to the move from a server-based messaging system to cloud-based e-mail and collaboration tools and additional federal requirements for managing electronic mail records.  This directive addresses security, appropriate use, and recordkeeping of the GSA Enterprise Messaging Services (GEMS) in a cloud-based environment.

2.  Cancellation.  This Order cancels CIO 2160.2A.

3.  Applicability.  This Order applies to all authorized users who are granted access to GEMS and to all communications sent or received via GEMS.    

4.  Directive.  All authorized users must comply with Federal laws and regulations relative to GEMS use, which are listed in Appendix A, References.  The misuse of GEMS by authorized users can severely hamper the Agency's ability to conduct business and accomplish its mission. It is essential that users learn how to use electronic mail and collaborative tools efficiently, effectively, and courteously, practicing good security, records management, and using e-mail in a responsible, professional, and lawful manner.  Additionally, users have an obligation to be aware of computer security and privacy concerns and to guard against computer viruses.  The Agency reserves the right to limit authorized users' electronic messaging access following evidence that shows prohibited or inappropriate use of the system or such use that creates an appearance of impropriety in the public view.  Prohibited use is that which is forbidden by, or fails to comply with Federal laws, regulations or GSA directives.

SUBJECT:  GSA Electronic Messaging and Related Services (Full PDF Format)


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