Client Enrichment Series - Occupancy Planning and Solutions

Making decisions about your agency’s future workplace needs has probably never been as daunting a task as it has been of late.

The myriad decisions that you face around your workplace requirements are peppered with variables and unknowns, and the risks and costs associated with them make the stakes higher than ever.

At GSA, we’ve heard your concerns, and recognize the challenges you face when attempting to thoughtfully plan for your future occupancies. Join our session to familiarize yourself with some resources, tools, and expertise that can make the effort much more manageable:

Decision-Supporting Financial Analysis
Time-Saving Standards and Pre-Packaged Solutions
Budget-Stretching Funding Options
Capacity-Multiplying Expertise and Contract Support Services

Target Audience - Federal employees engaged in mission leadership, strategic portfolio planning, budget/financial and project management.

Session Rating - Intermediate - A working knowledge of PBS project management is recommended.

This session will be conducted via Zoom for Government, a FedRAMP authorized cloud service, granted an authority to operate by the US Department of Homeland Security and the FedRAMP PMO.

Last Reviewed: 2021-01-28