Exchange/Sale for DOE

Exchange/sale for funds returned to your agency

FOR DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY USERS ONLY - 0ne (1) CLP will be issued for this class.

Topics include (not in any particular order below):
    • Educate on exchange/sale to include the reimbursable or exchange/sales that GSA offers.
    • Time allowed by law to spend the funds.
    • Typical returns on investment (money GSA returns to the agency).
    • Laws associated with exchange/sale and the Property program.
    • MySales - This is a site where agencies have the capability to check the sales status of items reported to GSA and withdraw items available for sale. This free site is available to them 24/7.
    • How to report exchange/sale property in GSAXcess and the information they must have prior to reporting the property.
    • Who can purchase exchange/sale property.
Last Reviewed: 2020-06-09