Federal Marketplace Industry Day

Federal Marketplace Reached Full Capacity Again, but you can still join virtually!

Federal Marketplace Industry Day: In-Person Registration at Full Capacity (AGAIN)

Thank you for your interest in Federal Marketplace Industry Day! We changed the event location to the Department of Interior Sidney Yates Auditorium to accommodate more stakeholders, but we have reached full capacity again.

However, you can still participate in the industry day through our virtual platform. The instructions are provided below.

Engaging our stakeholders and providing every opportunity to exchange ideas and answer questions is a top priority for us. We are glad you are as excited as we are about the changes FAS is embarking on to reimagine and redesign the acquisition experience.

Virtual Attendance

Registration is not required to attend the online broadcast of the event through GSA’s virtual meeting platform, Adobe Connect.

  • GSA will make the transcript available via the MAS and Commercial Platforms Interact groups within a few days of the event conclusion.

  • Q&A in the virtual meeting platform will be limited due to technical limitations. We will try our best to respond; however, if we are unable to answer your questions during the live event, we encourage you to submit comments, questions, and suggestions to federalmarketplace@gsa.gov.

  • To test your device’s ability to connect to Meeting Space, follow these instructions.

  • View this Quick Guide for Meeting Participants provided by Adobe.

Instructions for attending the virtual session:

  1. Navigate to the following link (note: this link will be available starting at 9:15am EST on December 12th): https://meet.gsa.gov/federalmarketplace/

  2. To login, please select the ‘Enter as a Guest” option and include the following identifying information: Name, Organization [example: John Doe, ABC Corp]

  3. Once the Meeting Space application loads, connect your audio by entering your phone number.

  4. The event will begin at 9:30am EST.

For additional information, please contact federalmarketplace@gsa.gov.

Last Reviewed: 2018-12-04