FY22 FCN 416 Personal Property Disposal Concepts

Personal Property Disposal Concepts

During this unique virtual event, we’ll explore every facet of property management – from acquisition to disposal. We are here to help you find avenues to make your property-management process easier in the long run. This event will feature representatives from every GSA region, plus some fascinating guest speakers to teach you about their areas of expertise.

Join us to learn:

· About the amazing property-management process that will help lead to success

· New ways to navigate through the process, whether you’re reducing inventory or searching for a specialized item to fit the needs of your agency

· How to obtain much-needed items that your budget may not accommodate this fiscal year

· Whom to contact when a property-management issue comes up

· How to lessen the burden of posting your excess property

Make sure to attend this event if you’re:

· A National Utilization Officer (NUO)

· An Area Property Officer (APO)

· A Property Custodian (PC)

· A member of a federal property management team[L4]

This adventure will be an excellent opportunity to network with property managers. There’s no charge for this training, and you can earn 40 Continuous Learning Points (CLPs). If you have any questions, please contact Cynthia.Watkins@gsa.gov

Last Reviewed: 2022-06-24