FY23 Agency Reimbursement (Virtual 02/07/2023)

Agency Reimbursement 101 of Personal Property Management. Learn how to ensure proper and timely reimbursement of sales proceeds from the sale of your agency’s excess/surplus personal property.


This training explores the process where agencies are reimbursed for excess/surplus property sold by GSA. It discusses the various types of reimbursable sales, details what information is needed for proper and timely reimbursement, and outlines the process of reimbursement from cradle to grave.

GSA’s Personal Property Management hosts training on all aspects of personal property management. This training is the “Agency Reimbursement 101” of Personal Property Management.

The virtual training session is free to attend and awards one (1) Continuous Learning Point.

Registration is required. Be sure to keep your confirmation email, your personalized link to join is included in that email. Zoom for Government may not be compatible with everyone’s system so please test your connection early.

Contact Mark Maxwell using mark.maxwell@gsa.gov or 817-201-1996 with any questions or concerns.

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-07