GSA and Tribal Nations (7/13/2022)

Everything you need to know to start using GSA Tribal programs.

Target Audience: Tribal Nations

GSA offers a range of services to federally recognized Native American Tribes, from surplus property donations to vehicle purchases and IT solutions.

Native American communities and governments face significant administrative, and infrastructure challenges every day. These challenges can be overwhelming from an administrative and financial point of view for both large and small tribal governments. These concerns are often compounded by a lack of, or a lack of access to information regarding available Federal programs. While GSA can’t solve all issues, we can provide tools, resources and technical assistance that assists tribal governments in their effort to overcome the historic barriers they face.

When considering GSA, some think of leased government vehicles or GSA’s excess personal property program, GSAXcess. GSA Fleet leasing and GSAXcess are excellent resources, however there’s so much more available to tribal governments and communities. GSA’s Tribal Nations Training is intended to help participants discover those additional resources and provide a starting point for tribal governments to access and take full advantage of all we have to offer.

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Last Reviewed: 2022-07-13