GSA R7 Training Seminar - 4/21/2022 - 9am to noon CST

Learn about GSA's Physical Access Control purchasing, Human Capital Category, and GSA's Personal Property Disposal

Did you know you can purchase Physical Access Control Systems from a GSA Schedule? Do you need assistance with Human Capital Management, Administrative Support, Social Servies, or EEO? Have you ever wondered what to do with personal property once you no longer need it? Did you know we have Acquisition Planning Packages available for your use? Join the staff in Region 7 on April 21st as we find answers to these questions and earn CLPs along the way.

9 am CST - Purchase Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) from vendors on the GSA Multiple Award Schedule. Learn how to stay in compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation when purchasing FICAM APL compliant PACS solutions.

10:00 am CST - Join us to learn about the Human Capital Category. Through GSA find the full spectrum of highly complex Human Capital Management, Administrative Support, Social Services, and Equal Employment (EEO) services. The Human Capital Category makes it easier for customers to identify specific HR service providers.

11 am CST - Join us for an overview of the Federal Personal Property Management Disposal Program. Learn about the regulations and laws that guide the disposal and acquiring of excess property from the Federal Government.

Last Reviewed: 2022-04-21