Hand & Power Tools-Support Your Mission! 11/9/22

An introduction and explication as to what Heartland Supply does and how it helps Federal customers. 1 CLP credit.

Training on GSA Global Supply™ Requisition Purchasing

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Join us for this convenient and concise overview of how to purchase from GSA Global Supply’s offering of power tools, generators, tool kits, and other tools used daily by machine shops; retrofitting facilities; and mechanics.

You’ll also learn how to complete a government-to-government (G2G) transaction quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly – allowing you more time to focus on your mission.

Be sure to attend this online event if you’re a:

  • Contracting Officer
  • Purchasing agent
  • Credit card holder
  • Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR)
  • Federal technical expert
  • Federal-agency employee who works with any organization that daily uses hand and measuring tools

GSA Global Supply™ is your one-stop source for all of your military - and agency-support needs – from new tools to office supplies. When you order through us, you can count on regulatory compliance, one bill, and global delivery from a reliable government source. There’s no need to comparison shop, thanks to requisition-based ordering. GSA Global Supply™ guarantees you easy compliance with government acquisition policies and socioeconomic regulations. Also, GSA provides full accountability from order placement through delivery and billing. Ordering from GSA Global Supply™ has never been easier!

There’s no charge for this training, and you can earn one Continuous Learning Point (CLP).

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If you have any questions please email andrew.pong@gsa.gov

Last Reviewed: 2022-12-01