Live, On-Site Screening (Boots, Gloves, Tables, Chairs, e): FEMA in Ponce, PR

Get free excess property for your agency!

We recently advertised a large amount of equipment from FEMA in Puerto Rico and were overwhelmed by the response we received. We'd like to give FEDERAL agencies an opportunity to request this property during a LIVE, ON-SITE SCREENING on Monday, August 26th from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.
FEMA is releasing a large quantity of property from their warehouse located at the old Empresas Vassallo facilities at Coto Laurel, Ponce 00780. Available property includes boots, gloves, folding tables and chairs, filing cabinets, flashlights, and other items. Interested agencies will be required to register for the event and send a pre-signed SF-122 in advance.
  • This property is being made available free of charge to requesting agencies; however, the receiving agency will be responsible for all costs associated with removal of the property including packing, loading, and transportation of the items.
  • Agencies are welcome to bring trucks to remove equipment they are awarded on the same day.
  • All participants will need to register (link included above) and bring a valid ID in order to enter the FEMA warehouse.
  • Participants will need to provide a pre-signed SF-122 in order to receive property; the SF-122 will be provided by Christina Shaw only after the agency has registered.


For assistance regarding availability of property or general questions about the on-site screening process, please contact Christina Shaw of GSA at (preferred) or 215-446-5083.

For questions about the property itself (i.e., for additional pictures or dimensions) please contact Denise Invie of FEMA at or 202-329-0186.
Thank you!
Last Reviewed: 2019-08-26