PSHC Spotlight: Civilian Services Acquisition Workshops (C-SAWs)

PSHC Spotlight: Civilian Services Acquisition Workshops (C-SAWs)

Spotlight Webinar: Civilian Services Acquisition Workshops (C-SAWs)

A Civilian Services Acquisition Workshop (CSAW) is a highly structured, facilitated workshop built around a specific acquisition and its multi-functional integrated project team (IPT). The workshop walks the complete team through the performance-based acquisition (PBA) process from beginning to end. The primary focus of the CSAW is to get all members of the acquisition team or IPT contributing and working together to accomplish the necessary work.

CSAWs focus on getting actual work product started (and possibly completed), giving the team the tools (knowledge, skills and understanding) to continue the process through to completion, and building a team commitment to continuing to work together.

Join us this month for an overview of CSAWs, how they can benefit your acquisition teams, and ways you can get involved with this valuable service offering. Register now and earn 1 CLP!

Last Reviewed: 2022-02-22