Schedule 70 Scope Reviews Now Offered

Schedule 70 Scope Reviews Now Offered

Scope Reviews are now offered through Schedule 70! This is a free service offered to all federal, state, and local agencies. Simply submit your Statement Of Work (SOW) or requirement to GSA and receive the following benefits:

Scope Compatibility Review - Quality assurance that reduces protest risk by ensuring that your Statement of Work fits within the Schedule 70 contract.

Special Item Number Verification - Validate the correct Special Item Number (SIN) so that the best and most qualified industry partners have access to your requirement.

Secure access - submitting your information is handled securely through the OMB Max authentication process.

Consultative support - GSA can provide consultative support to address minor changes in the requirement or contract.

Documentation - Receive an order file document to support your own internal review and approval process

Please join us for this free, no cost training and receive CLP credit. We will be showcasing the Scope Review Tool and walking users how to submit a Schedule 70 requirement to receive a Scope Determination. Scope review determinations are also offered for other IT contracts such as Alliant 2, Alliant SB, 8a Stars II, and Vets II contracts.

Last Reviewed: 2019-01-31