Webinar:Government-wide Strategic Solution for Desktops/Laptops & GSAAdvantage

Buy Desktops and Laptops through our BIC Solution

Join us for this free webinar about the Government-wide Strategic Solution (GSS) for Desktops and Laptops and GSAAdvantage Select!®.

In May 2017, GSA’s GSS Desktop/Laptop program was awarded Best In Class (BIC) designation as sponsored by OMB. Best in class is a government wide acquisition designation used to highlight the best, high quality contract vehicles available -- minimizing an agency’s effort to find or create their own solutions. At this webinar you will learn to maximize your agency’s savings and buying power for obtaining desktop and laptop computers, monitors, software, and hardware at competitive prices.

Reserve your spot to:

  • Receive an overview of the GSS for Desktops and Laptops Program and the system options available, including enabled security, CPU choices, imaging, docking stations, extended warranties, and software bundles. The GSS for Desktops and Laptops program gives agencies a choice of desktop and laptop configurations, which you can access on GSAAdvantage Select!®.

  • Learn how to order: We will guide you step-by-step through the ordering process, so you can easily get what you need. We’ll also provide details on how to be compliant with OMB Memo M-16-02 and share information about laptops and desktops (including refresh cycles) and other important areas about the program.

Get started using GSA’s GSS for Desktops and Laptops:
Visit GSA’s GSS for Desktops and Laptops webpage for more information on the ways to buy

If you want to contact our team directly with questions, please contact us at ITCSC@gsa.gov or the team directly at Workstations@gsa.gov.

Last Reviewed: 2018-05-04