What Artificial Intelligence Means for State, Local & Tribal Gov't. 5/24/22

GSA invests in innovative secure technology that impacts our everyday lives, including mapping technologies, voice-assisted smartphones, handwriting recognition for mail delivery, financial solutions, smart logistics, spam filtering, and more!

Join us on May 24, 2022, for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation Services a panel discussion addressing how AI can save time and money for State, Local and Tribal governments, and how you can find these Best-in-Class solutions from GSA Industry Partners.

GSA’s offerings focus on innovative secure technology that government employs on a daily basis to address the issues that impact constituents’ everyday lives such as mapping technologies, voice-assisted smartphone applications, handwriting recognition, administrative processing, financial solutions, smart logistics, language translation, and more.

You may contact us at: gsa.acquisitiontraining@gsa.gov

Last Reviewed: 2022-06-01