Key Changes for Outlease Customers

In November 2015, customers of the Public Buildings Service (PBS) Outlease Business Line moved to an electronic billing system, the Vendor and Customer Self Service (VCSS) website.

What did not change?

There is no change in how customers pay for their bill. Customers should reference their contract number on their payments to continue to pay according to their terms and conditions.

What has changed?

Coupons were discontinued in November 2015

As of November 2015, GSA discontinued the use of coupons for Outlease customers. Customers should refer to their contract as well as their Acceptance and Notice to Proceed Letter to obtain account information, terms and conditions.

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Late payments

If customers are late making a payment, their billing statements will be posted in VCSS, where they will be able to view and download it. Payment instructions will be included on the posted bills.

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New statement format in PDF

Effective December 2015, late billing statements that are posted in VCSS will appear in a new PDF format for GSA Outlease customers.

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Available billing data as of November 2015 and December 2015

Effective November 2015, customers are now able to view their security deposit in VCSS, if one was paid. They are also able to query on closed receivables and closed collections; this information will be listed as separate entries in VCSS. Customers who have any outstanding receivables will also be able to query that information and view it as separate entries.

Posted billing statements for late payments were made available in VCSS in December 2015. Customers now have access to all payment history that has occurred since the transition to VCSS.

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What else is available to help customers?

Additional materials are available to customers on the BAAR Phase 3 Materials and Communications tab, including customer communications, information sheets, and brochures on VCSS and the new statement formats.

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