Schedule by Phase

GSA’s new billing, accounts receivable, and collection functions will be rolled out in all of GSA’s business lines according to a phased implementation plan. The major business lines are organized by phase as follows:

Phase 1, August 2011 (completed)

Public Buildings Service (PBS) Business Lines

  • Rent

Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Business Lines

  • Fleet

Phase 2A, July 2013 (completed)

Public Buildings Service (PBS) Business Lines

  • Reimbursable Work Authorizations (RWA)
  • Heating Operation and Transmission District (HOTD)

Manual Business Processes

  • Acquisition Policy
  • GM&A Central Office PCAS (262) - Centralized Administrative Support (CAS)
  • GM&A Central Office PCAS (262) - Information Infrastructure Support (IOS)
  • GM&A Central Office PCAS (262) - Centralized Charges (CC)
  • OIG Investigative Programs
  • Personal Property Center, Excess Supply
  • Real Property Utilization and Disposal Division (RPUDD)

Phase 2B, January 2014 (completed)

Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Business Lines

  • GSA Global Supply
  • GSA AutoChoice
  • Multiple Award Schedules (MAS)
  • Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC)
  • Travel, Delivery, and Relocation Solutions (TDRS)

Manual Business Processes

  • Manual Industrial Funding Fees
    • Freight
    • Household Goods
    • ETravel
    • SmartPay
  • Personal Property Center, Sales
  • Personal Property Center, Fleet Disposal
  • Personal Property Center, U.S. Marshal Service Sales

Phase 3 Wave 1, October 2014 (completed)

Manual Business Processes

  • Agency Asset Management System/Energy Asset Disposal System (AAMS/EADS)
  • Board of Contract Appeals
  • Broker Rebates
  • Comprehensive Human Resources Integration System (CHRIS) Program
  • Concessions
  • Congressional Support Program
  • Electronic Capital Planning and Investment (ECIPC)
  • Government Wide Policy
  • Pay to Park
  • National Gas Acquisition Program (NGAP)
  • National Customer Service Center (NCSC)/Public Building Services (PBS) Billings
  • Teleproduction
  • Training Programs – ASKASSOC/FAI/FACA

Phase 3 Wave 2, January 2015 (completed)

Manual Business Processes

  • Payroll Reimbursement
  • Employee Details – PIF & 18F
  • Working Capital Fund- External Clients

Phase 3 Wave 3, November 2015 (completed)

Public Building Services (PBS) Business Line

  • Outlease

Manual Business Processes

  • Employee Details - Others
  • External Services Clients (HBI, Counsil, Garnishment Fees, PCC Administrative)
  • Federal Citizen Services (FCS)
  • Great Seal of US
  • Travel, Motor, Vehicle, and Card Services (TMVCS)/Travel Training
  • University for People
  • International Trade Center
  • Recycling
  • Transportation Audit
  • Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE)
  • Interagency Council
  • SmartBuy

Additional Pegasys Functionality

  • Claims
  • Allowance for Loss
  • Internal Offsets
  • Treasury Referrals*

* Treasury Referrals was implemented December 2015

Phase 3 Wave 4, February 2016 (completed)

Federal Acquisition Services (FAS) Business Lines:

Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS)

  • AAS - Client Support Center (CSC)

General Supplies and Services (GSS)

  • Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (IWAC)

Integrated Technology Services (ITS)

  • Network Services - Expanded Services
  • Wide Area Network(WAN)/Networx
  • Local Telecom Service and WITS
  • National IT Commodity Program (NITCP)
  • Managed Service Office (MSO)/USAccess Program

Manual Business Processes

  • WAN Treasury Rebates
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

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