GPG Webinars

GPG webinars present results from real-world evaluations and feedback from facility managers at test-bed locations. Following each presentation, researchers and other GSA subject-matter experts answer questions. Attendees are eligible to receive continuing education credits from the American Institute of Architects for attending webinars.

Upcoming webinars

Energy Management Information System with Automated System Optimization
Thursday, December 1, 2022, at 1 p.m. ET


On-demand technology webinars

Category Topic Date Video
Building Envelope Electrochromic Windows for Office Space 2018-04 YouTube icon
Building Envelope Lightweight Secondary Windows 2022-03 YouTube icon
Building Envelope Lightweight Quad-Pane Windows 2022-01 YouTube icon
Building Envelope Window Retrofit System / Low-E Window Film 2017-03 YouTube icon
Energy Mgmt Advanced Power Strips for Plug Load Control 2018-02 YouTube icon
Energy Mgmt Chiller Plant Control Optimization System 2017-06 YouTube icon
Energy Mgmt Socially Driven HVAC for Personal Control 2017-12 YouTube icon
Energy Mgmt Submeters and Analytics: Full Panel 2017-04 YouTube icon
Energy Mgmt Submeters and Analytics: Single-Circuit Meter 2021-02 YouTube icon
Energy Mgmt Submeters and Analytics: Wireless CTs 2019-06 YouTube icon
Energy Mgmt Wireless Thermostats for Pneumatic Systems 2017-04 YouTube icon
HVAC Condensing Boilers 2017-07 YouTube icon
HVAC Fan Belts: Synchronous and Cogged 2017-08 YouTube icon
HVAC High-Performing Commercial RTUs 2018-09 YouTube icon
HVAC Software-Driven Switched Reluctance Motor 2019-11 YouTube icon
HVAC Small Circulator Pumps with Automated Control 2018-10 YouTube icon
HVAC Chillers: Variable-Speed Magnetic Bearing / Variable-Speed Screw 2018-01 YouTube icon
HVAC Variable Refrigerant Flow 2018-07 YouTube icon
Lighting Advanced Lighting Controls and LED 2018-11 YouTube icon
Lighting LED Downlight Replacement Lamps for CFL Fixtures 2018-03 YouTube icon
Renewables Honeycomb Solar Thermal Collector 2018-05 YouTube icon
Renewables PV Resilience: Addressing Weather Vulnerabilities 2021-06 YouTube icon
Renewables Wood-Pellet Biomass Boilers 2017-10 YouTube icon
Water AWT: Advanced Oxidation Process / Catalyst-Based Scale Prevention / Electrochemical 2019-03 YouTube icon
Water AWT: Monitoring & Partial Softening 2020-12 YouTube icon
Water Catalyst-Based Scale Prevention for DHW 2017-09 YouTube icon

Green Proving Ground (GPG) enables GSA to make sound investment decisions in next-generation building technologies based on their real-world performance.

Last Reviewed: 2022-11-11