Chiller Plant Control Optimization System

The control optimization system improves chiller plant performance by monitoring and controlling five interdependent systems: cooling towers, chillers, condenser pumps, chilled water pumps and air handler units.

A recent study found a 35% energy savings and payback of five years, assuming a national average energy rate of $0.11/kWh. View full-size infographic. [PDF - 239 KB]

GPG Findings 028, September 2016, CONTROL OPTIMIZATION SYSTEM FOR CHILLER PLANTS. Opportunity: What is the impact ofimproved chiller operations on GSA? 80% OF GSA FLOOR SPACE IS IN LARGE BUILDINGS. The majority of which is cooled by chillers. Technology: How does the Control Optimization System for Chiller Plants work? OPTIMIZES SYSTEM PRESSURE ANDTEMPERATURE DIFFERENCE (DELTA T) MANAGES CHILLER LIFT AND FLOW BY MONITORING ANDCONTROLLING FIVE INTERDEPENDENT SYSTEMS. Cooling Towers (CT), Chillers (CH), Condenser Pumps (CTP), Chilled Water Pumps(CHP), and Air Handler Units (AHU) Measurement and Verification: Where did M and V occur? PACIFIC NORTHWEST NATIONAL LABORATORY assessed the control optimization system for chiller plants at the Frank M. Johnson Jr. Federal Buildingand U.S. Courthouse in Montgomery, Alabama. Results: How did the Control Optimization System perform in M&V? 35%COOLING SAVINGS. +/- 10% uncertainty due to estimated baseline. 5 YR PAYBACK At avg. cost of $0.11/kWh. BETTER VISIBILITY & CONTROL FOR PLANT OPERATIONS.Increased Efficiency, Especially at Part LoadsPerformance averaged 0.64 kW/ton after control optimization.  Deployment: Where does M&V recommend deployingthe Control Optimization System? CENTRIFUGAL CHILLERS WITH LOADS > 3 MILLION TON-HRS/YR. Also consider for incorporation into new all-variable-speed chiller plants, where both installation costs and energy savings may be lower. [PDF - 239 KB]

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