Wireless Thermostats for Pneumatic Systems

The wireless pneumatic thermostat (WPT) can be retrofitted to an existing pneumatic control system. WPTs give conventional pneumatic controls the energy-conserving functionality of more contemporary control systems, such as direct digital controls (DDC). They cost much less.

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GPG Findings 020, March 2015, WIRELESS PNEUMATIC THERMOSTATS. Opportunity: Where are pneumatic thermostats typically found? COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS BUILT BEFORE 1999 that are > 20,000 sq ft. and multi-story. Technology: How do WirelessPneumatic Thermostats work? PROVIDE CONVENTIONAL PNEUMATIC SYSTEMS WITH DIRECT DIGITAL CONTROL (DDC) FUNCTIONALITY. Measurement and Verification: Where did M and V occur? OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY assessed wireless pneumaticthermostats at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC. Results: How did WirelessPneumatic Thermostats perform in M&V? EFFECTIVE APPLICATION OF ENERGY-SAVING CONTROL STRATEGIES.ENERGY SAVINGSACROSS CLIMATE ZONES AND OFFICE SIZES.<2-6 YRS PAYBACK WITH UNOCCUPIED/OCCUPIED CONTROL STRATEGY AND LOW INSTALLATION COSTS. Deployment: Where does M&V recommend deploying Wireless Pneumatic Thermostats? ANY FACILITY WITH CONVENTIONAL PNEUMATIC CONTROLS. Deployment priority should be given to facilities with high energy costs. [PDF - 246 KB]

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Last Reviewed: 2022-11-19