Emerging Building Technologies

Our two programs - Green Proving Ground (GPG) and Pilot to Portfolio (P2P) enable GSA to invest wisely in next-generation building technologies.

Green Proving Ground (GPG)

Test-bed measurement and verification (M&V) - published reports, infographics and summary documents in the following categories:

Technologies Selected from 2020 RFI

Improving building health and resilience

GPG, in collaboration with DOE, has selected five innovative building technologies for pilot evaluation in GSA facilities. The technologies were chosen in response to GSA’s most recent RFI seeking resource-efficient technologies that improve commercial building health and resilience. The five American-made technologies include an automated method for sealing the building envelope, nanofiber air filters, an HVAC dehumidification system, a new HVAC motor design, and snap-on window insulation panels.

Last Reviewed: 2021-09-13