February 2020 Newsletter - Variable-Speed Direct-Drive Screw Chiller [PDF - 245 KB]
Variable-Speed Direct-Drive Screw Chiller Offers Flexibility Under a Wide Range of Operating Conditions

June 2019 Newsletter - Electrochromic Windows [PDF - 966 KB]
GPG Evaluations Help Accelerate Market Acceptance

March 2019 Newsletter - Catalyst-Based Scale Prevention for Domestic Hot Water Systems [PDF - 277 KB]
Pipe with Catalytic Insert Reduces Calcite Buildup

December 2018 Newsletter - Chiller Plant Optimization
Optimizes the Entire Plant, Not Just the Chiller

November 2018 Newsletter - Technical Specifications (GSA internal only)
Technology Specifications to Support Procurement

October 2018 Newsletter - Fan Belts: Synchronous and Cogged [PDF - 214 KB]
Simple and Inexpensive Way to Cut Ventilation Energy Use

September 2018 Newsletter - LED Downlight Lamps for CFL Fixtures [PDF - 418 KB]
Matched CFL Light Quality While Greatly Lowering Costs

August 2018 Newsletter - Wireless Pneumatic Thermostats [PDF - 231 KB]
Direct Digital Functionality at a Fraction of the Cost

July 2018 Newsletter - REISSUED Variable-Speed Chillers [PDF - 931 KB]
Successful M&V and Regional Advocacy Supports Deployment

June 2018 Newsletter - Condensing Boilers [PDF - 578 KB]
Revised Control Strategies are Key to Efficiency

May 2018 Newsletter - Hi-R Window System [PDF - 517 KB]
Retrofit Installation, 30-Minutes Per Window

Last Reviewed: 2021-09-21